Q: I didn’t receive the verification email, I cannot verify my account!
A: There is no verification process.
In order to activate the account, you simply have to log in through the game. You can read all the required steps on our connection guide.

Q: I get “Bancho authentication failed” (wrong password) when I try to log in, but my password is correct!
A: First, make sure you’re connected to komako.pw and that your password is correct.
If so, type your password slowly. (make also sure that caps lock is disabled).

Q: I can’t download maps from osu!direct.
A: Direct doesn't work on the main menu but it should be fine if you download a map that was sent to you in-game.

Q: I uploaded my avatar but it won't show.
A: Make sure it succesfully changed then hit CTRL+F5 to refresh the page and its cache.

Q: How do I play on the normal osu! again?
A: Close osu!, and run default osu.exe or default shortcut.

Q: Why are osu!direct and other supporter perks free?
A: We think that osu! direct is very cool and it’s a shame people have to pay for it
or to have profile banners and profile backgrounds, that’s why we’re offering it for free. If you like what we do, please consider a donation.

Q: My problem is not listed here.
A: Join our discord and ask your question in the channels of the server.

Q: How to get a check mark for a legitimate player? (Verified Legit Player)
A: We issue this checkbox in cases when a good player enters the server
Staff can request a live play, in order to make sure of a player's legitamicy.
requirements to apply: 7.5k+ pp 450+ pp score on a non-farm map, or 500-550 on farm map.

Join the discord for further information.