This server is invite-only, build for friends and people known by Lionz.
If you are wondering how you can you join the server.
Please take a look at the following form on how to be invited.
For more information please read more here


Some of our coolest features

PP for Relax and Autopilot

Our server has unique pp formula for relax and autopilot. Good at waving your cursor or just smashing your keyboard? Join Komako and get a fair reward for your skills!

Free supporter features

You won't have to pay for osu!supporter to have a cool-looking profile page! - profile backgrounds and banners are available for everyone! Keep in mind supporting us still grants a huge set of cool perks, but absence of it doesn't affect your game sessions!

Unique Discord Bot

We have a unique discord bot written specifically for Gulag that offers many functions! You are able to flex your top plays, recent score and much more! This works for all gamemodes! Check the GitHub for a list of commands.